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Heaven Dove Bb Whitening Cream

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Item Size : 120 G

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Heaven Dove Bb Whitening Cream In Pakistan | Fareedshopping.Com

Heaven Dove Bb Magic Cream All In One Lightening (120 Ml) Offers A Shining, Instantaneous White And Moisturized Skin, Cream Facilitates Protect Pores And Skin From Sun Damage With Spf 50, It Could Definitely Deal With All Pores And Skin Sorts For A Captivating Charisma Vivid Skin And Skin Smoothness.Night Time Utilization Cream For Equity, Skin Lightening, Skin Whitening, Fairness, Skin Brightening.Herbal.Night Time Utilization Cream For Fairness, Pores And Skin Lightening, Skin Whitening,Fairness, Skin.

Bb Whitening Cream Brightening Coverage:

Hides Defects And Contours. Hydrates And Nourishes The Pores And Skin Solar Protection Spa 15 Wrinkle Prevention Delays Growing Old Of The Skin Affords A Radiant And Wholesome Complexion Uv Protection  Protects And Blocks Uv Light Durable 24 Hours Safety, Allows The Skin To Respire Carries Vitamins And Nourishing Pigments Prevents The Formation Of Pimple.

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  • Item Brand: heaven-dove-bb-whitening-cream
  • Item Price: 920/Rs
  • Imported From: USA
  • Item Size: 120 G
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  • Shipping Fee: 99/Rs
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    Heaven Dove Bb Whitening Cream
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